Getting to Cuba

Varadero Airport.

To book, we called our travel agent, Opal Thomas Harold, at the Flight Centre and asked her to find us a quote for Cuba. We wanted to go for a while, and it seemed like the right time with borders reopening.

Most Cubans have received their COVID-19 vaccines at this point. And, they were eager to welcome the tourists to help boost their economy. A high inoculation rate was also good news for us–it is safe, and there is no quarantine upon arrival.

Unlike most other people, we did not want to spend all our time on the beach, and we wanted to explore Havana too.

Opal found a great 8-day Duo Package from Air Transat, allowing us to visit Havana and Varadero. The package came to $1,000 per person, including hotels, transfers, and meals at the hotel.

It was perfect.

We did not experience any issues at either Toronto or Varadero airports. We were going through a typical airport hassle around a direct 3-hour flight. As we like to say, we walked right through.

And there we were, in Cuba, kissed by the sun in 26-degree weather, heading to our first destination, La Habana.

All content in the post, including recommendations and opinions, are our own.

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